Fluenz Spanish

Fluenz Spanish

Fluenz Spanish

Fluenz Spanish, their fastest, most powerful version, yet, is the product of hundreds of thousands of user hours and their feedback. It is everything they ever asked for.

Includes Fluenz Spanish 1, Fluenz Spanish 2, Fluenz Spanish 3, Fluenz Spanish 4, and Fluenz Spanish 5 DVD-ROMs, five audio CDs for additional learning, exclusive, downloadable podcasts for further practice, and the handy Fluenz Navigator for on-the-go referencing of important words and phrases.

Language tutor Sonia Gil guides you on video every step of the way, recreating a one-on-one tutoring experience, utilizing explanations in English, placing you in real-world contexts, and immersing you in the culture.

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Fluenz Spanish Review

Fluenz Spanish immerses students in the kind of "real world" situations that adult Spanish speakers are likely to encounter, such as ordering food, speaking with a taxi driver, or making hotel reservations.The onscreen tutor, Sonia, guides students through a comprehensive set of video learning sessions that place the student in realistic Spanish language contexts. These lessons help you jump right in to learning and speaking Spanish. Perhaps the main advantage of Fluenz F2 is that Sonia explains the language concepts in clear English, "leveraging" English knowledge to improve Spanish comprehension. This has been shown to help adult students learn language better than other techniques.

The only interactive language program offering an immersive environment that recreates the best elements of great one-on-one tutoring.

A Great Teacher on Your Computer
Discover Spanish through the power of a great teacher with the comprehensive 1+2+3 program. The Fluenz custom-made approach guides you in English every step of the way through the challenges of Spanish, while immersing you in the beauty of the culture.

A Proven Track Record
Fluenz Spanish Review unique approach is currently being used by elite units of the US Navy, senior personnel at the UN and UNICEF, executives of Fortune 500 companies, and students at Harvard Business School and other leading universities.
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Fluenz Spanish 1

The usage of locally spoken colloquial Spanish is the reason why this software is the best option for people who want to visit Spain for business or pleasure. So you are definitely not going to learn words like "perro" (dog), but are going to know what a hotel or a cell phone is called in Spanish. The learn Spanish CD is filled with the words which you are going to use instead of obsolete word lists, which you might not use ever during your stay in Spain. Fluenz Spanish program has 2 modules. These modules are centered on what a person is going to say, while talking to a Spaniard. It definitely does not have long conversations between imaginary characters, using language and terms which might not be used ever.

Practice Makes Perfect
The simple interface, the curriculum that can be heard on MP3 or even on Pocket PCs, and extra teaching resources make Fluenz Spanish 1 extremely easy for you to speak, read and write Spanish well, with the help of this language program. Video activities as well as video instruction can help you learn Spanish at your own pace. You are not going to get a list of your incorrect/correct answers. On the other hand, you are going to get positive feedback, and you will be encouraged to repeat the activities to make you more confident with the language. The games and quizzes are going to help in the retention of what you have learned in the modules.

Fluenz Spanish Software

No Substitute for a Great Tutor
Fluenz Spanish Software offers a great teacher to challenge and inspire you. Instead of matching pictures with Spanish words over and over again, fluency can be reached more quickly by having someone actually explain to you in English how the language works. That's why every Fluenz session is built around a tutor who leads you through the learning process.

Adults Should Be Taught Like Adults
Linguistic research shows that adults learn languages differently than children. Adults really benefit from having clear explanations of how the language works. Instead of focusing on childlike phrases such as "red apple, green apple," Fluenz has you ordering food, giving directions to a taxi driver, making hotel reservations, and handling a wide range of other real-world situations right from the start.

Custom-Made For English Speakers
Cookie-cutter approaches based on matching pictures and words follow the same script from language to language. But using the same script to teach both Spanish and Swahili doesn't make sense. Each language is unique, and each one presents its own unique challenges to an English speaker. For example, it is impossible to understand the difference between the critical Spanish verbs "ser" and "estar" without an explanation in English. Fluenz makes a difference because a real tutor guides you along a path specifically designed for you to learn Spanish.

Where To Buy Fluenz Spanish

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